Staff Review (return of daddy icyy)


hello I have returned from the grave and I have decided to do a staff review bc I'm bored asf.

lets start with lower staff

@AceOfSpadesLV : since when did u get staff u cute latvian mf.

@SimpForDays : dumb fag, never liked you.

Exo: even tho u abused map 9 I still like you, 7/10
Leo: all bark no bite. bitch

@HackInstalled : honestly i dont remember u that well u were probably a bitch
@UltraTron_ : i like you

Intermission, from here on its mostly negative :p

Red: fuck you
Pace : all the servers u staff on r shit u fag

@TheFlyingL : you were a whore sometimes and sometimes u were cool. 6/10
milkog : random ass retard

@Hidden : oh how i fucking hate you, you fucking retarded ass motherfucker please fly to chicago(or wherever tf this server is) and find this server and throw it on the floor with the little force ur fatass has.

Sniping : oh you were a fucking bitch. i tried to help you at first then u banned me for doxxing cuz i called u out for swat threats? what lol? then you tried to take advice from cutler which was the exact advice i gave u and that failed didn't it? because you're an arrogant retarded bitch who thinks he's cool bc he owns a shitty ass server with no players and doesnt even have maps anymore. if there was a list for the most retarded people in the world you would be top 10.

that concludes my staff review. (i only did that staff that were on the staff list)
shoutouts to xolo and the whole puma gang i love you all.
have a good day.
(p.s. one extra fuck you for hidden and sniping)