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What is your suggestion?
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Where would this suggestion be implemented?
Corrupt Realm [Factions], All Realms

How would this suggestion improve where it is implemented?
Now this is to track and see what everyone thinks about what PVP should be like on the server.


1. Get rid of the custom potions and just tweak the vanilla potions.
2. Keep the custom potions but change them to make it more balanced as well as tweak the vanilla potions.
3.Keep the custom potions as is and just tweak the vanilla potions.


1. Get rid of them and make a hard limit for the amount of custom enchants that be added.
2. Change them to add an additional 1, 2, or 3 CE's.
3. Keep them the same.

==Gaining/Grinding Enchants

1. Make the purchase of them in stacks of 64 instead of one. Add a way to duplicate them with the /dupe plugin.
2. Make a chest that will duplicate and store enchants for easy G-set creation.
3. Keep it the same.

==Tank/Damage Enchants==

- Tank [Damage Reduction]
1.Change proc time/damage reduction %'s
2.Keep as is
-Damage [Damage Increase]
1.Change proc time/damage increase %'s
2.Keep as is.

Extra Information (If needed)
Please give feedback to help with pvp on the server. If no one gives positive and helpful feedback we can't help make the pvp better. Also thanks to Xolo and SoloIccy for taking time to give me their feedback, and I will always listen to ideas if you don't want to make a forum post for it. Thanks.


Thanks for your input, we will take this into consideration. Please keep your eyes open of any other suggestions that you would like.
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