New Factions System

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New Factions Commands
  • /f invsee - Able to see your faction members inventory.
  • /f audit - Opens up your factions logs
  • /f inspect - Inspect the actions that has happened in that block location
  • /f rules - Set Rules for your faction members to see.
  • /f vault - Access to your Faction Vault
  • /f corner - Use this command in a corner chunk to claim your entire buffer
  • /f chest - Like a Ender Chest but your whole faction can access it
  • /f weewoo - Alert all faction members you are being raided
  • /f notifications - Disable or enable faction claim notifications
  • /f alts - Invite alts to your faction without taking up member slots
  • /f upgrades - Upgrade various perks in your faction
  • /f check - Manage your Faction Wall Checks

New Faction Discord System

  • /f setdiscord - Set a discord link for your faction
  • /f discord - See your faction discord link
  • /f linkdiscord - Links your Minecraft Account with the Faction Discord Bot
  • /f invitebot - Invite the GlitchMC Faction bot to your Faction discord server
  • /f setguild - Sets your Faction Discord Server using the server ID

New Faction Banners System

Faction Banners are War Banners. They can be placed in area that are claimed by WarZone or a enemy faction. Once this banner is placed it will be removed after a certain about of time. You can teleport to this banner instead of having to tp your faction in while it is placed. Being near this Banner will give you effects like speed.

  • /f setbanner - Sets a banner design for your faction.
  • /f banner - Gives you a War Banner to be placed.
  • /f tpbanner - Teleports you to a placed War Banner
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