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Important GlitchMC | Network Rules

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GlitchMC [Network Rules]
Last Updated: 4th January 2022

1) As a player on GlitchMC, It’s your responsibility to be knowledgeable of the rules by reading and understanding the rules that have been put in place and to keep updated if any rules have been changed.

  • If you are on the network we will assume you have read the rules and have agreed to abide by these rules. Any attempt to bypass any of the rules that have been put in place on the network will result in a punishment. Rules are subject to change at any given time with or without notice. All edits made to this document will be listed below.

2) Any rule broken comes with a direct punishment on the network. The offending faction or player will be subjected to the punishment stated below the offence or at the discretion of the administration team.

3) Joking, pretending or attempting to bypass/loophole, or bypassing any rules will result in a punishment as breaking the rule itself or worse. That does not mean a rule isn’t stated, you won't be punished for it. If we do believe that what you are doing on the network is wrong, you will be punished even if it is not stated.

4) All rules fall under the discretion of the staff team at any given time, they have the right to make calls such as reduce, revoke, add or extend punishments at any given time. In certain cases a member of administration or management has the right to revoke, reduce, add or extend any punishment made by a member of the staff team at any given time.

5) Sharing accounts on the network is currently allowed at the current moment but if anything were to happen to your account such as it got banned for evasion or punished, it will be your own responsibility and your account will not be unbanned or unpunished. Your account is your responsibility.

Chat Spamming / Flooding & Foreign Languages: Spamming chat by posting 3 or more of the same or similar messages repeatedly or flooding chat by posting 5 or more messages in a row within rapid succession. In-game private message spamming will also fall under this category. You are also not allowed to speak any other language besides english. Chat activity and the context of the messages will be taken into consideration before punishing.

Character Spamming: Spamming multiple characters in chat by posting 2+ messages with repeated/unnecessary characters, numbers or symbols or 8+ of a single character in a message. This will be determined by staff.

Encouraging Spam: Encouraging spam in chat by encouraging other players to spam in any way is strictly prohibited.

Chat Filter Bypass: Bypassing the server’s chat filter to say words that are blocked is prohibited. This can be by replacing a letter with another letter, number, or symbol, removing/adding a letter, number or symbol. If you're bypassing racial slurs or slurs in general, you will be punished for Racial Slurs or Slurs.

Excessive Accusations: Excessively accusing another player on the network of Hacking, DDoSing/Doxing, Abusing, or breaking the server rules in chat. If you think that a player is hacking or breaking the network rules, create a support ticket on discord. This will be determined by staff.
  • 1st Offence: Warning
  • 2nd Offence: 30 Minute Mute
  • 3rd Offence: 1 Hour Mute
  • 4th Offence: 3 Hour Mute
  • 5th Offence: 6 Hour Mute
(Once the max offence is reached, the punishment time will be doubled for every future offence. 6h, 12h, etc.)

Command Spamming: Excessively spamming commands with the intent to spam someone else’s chat is prohibited. This includes teleportation, trading requests and faction commands (/f title, /f invite, /f promote, etc)

Misuse of Support Commands: Abusing support commands such as /helpop or /report instead of requesting staff assistance or reporting a player and using it for jokes, having a conversation, or bypassing your mute/punishment by communicating with staff is prohibited.

  • 1st Offence: Warning
  • 2nd Offence: 30 Minute Ban
  • 3rd Offence: 1 Hour Ban
  • 4th Offence: 3 Hour Ban
  • 5th Offence: 6 Hour Ban
(Once the max offence is reached, the punishment time will be doubled for every future offence. 6h, 12h, etc.)

Server Disrespect: Disrespecting or any hate speech to the server/network will not be tolerated. The network is trying to improve to give a better experience for the community by taking in suggestions, changes made by the community. Disrespecting or Hate Speech towards the network doesn’t help the network improve. If you have an issue regarding the server make a support ticket.

  • 1st Offence: Warning
  • 2nd Offence: 3 Hour Mute
  • 3rd Offence: 6 Hour Mute
  • 4th Offence: 12 Hour Mute
  • 5th Offence: 24 Hour Mute

Excessive Toxicity: Continuously being disrespectful towards multiple players or staff on the network making it very unpleasant by causing a malicious environment in chat. Regular trash talking is allowed on the server. If staff believes you are going to create or furthering a malicious/toxic environment on the server, staff will reserve the right to punish you.

Discrimination / Bigotry & Hate Speech: Any form of racist, homophobic, misogynistic or xenophobic hate speech towards others is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to negative comments about someone's national origin, gender, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious beliefs or affiliation, and disabilities. This does not include any variants that are slurs (whether racial or not) you will still be punished.
Note: If you do not understand the meanings of any words stated above, it is your responsibility to search for the meaning and we will not accept this as a reason to break this rule.
  • 1st Offence: 3 Hour Mute
  • 2nd Offence: 6 Hour Mute
  • 3rd Offence: 12 Hour Mute
  • 4th Offence: 24 Hour Mute
  • 5th Offence: 48 Hour Mute

Death Threats or Wishes / Suicidal Encouragement: Threatening, encouraging or wishing another player or their families/friends to cause harm to themselves or to go commit suicide is strictly prohibited.
  • 1st Offence: 12 Hour Mute
  • 2nd Offence: 24 Hour Mute [1 Day Mute]
  • 3rd Offence: 72 Hour Mute [3 Day Mute]
  • 4th Offence: 168 Hour Mute [7 Day Mute]
  • 5th Offence: Permanent Mute.

Non-Server Related Links/Links: Posting malicious or inappropriate links that contain Pornographic content, screamers, or otherwise harmful websites are prohibited. Screenshot links and other non-harmful malicious links are acceptable. If the link is malicious such as IP-Grabbers, Grabify Links, it will result in a blacklist.

Advertising: Advertising in public chat, personal messages, descriptions, etc is strictly prohibited. For example posting something in chat in order to try to get other players to join another server by posting another server’s network IP, website, discord, or store. This also includes but is not limited to sending discord invites to a “Free Nitro” discord that requires invites to get “Nitro”. You’re allowed to mention server names in chat but not the network IP. Any attempt to self-advertise your own websites, social media, discord server links, youtube, or twitch account/channel links are also strictly prohibited and you will be punished unless permitted to. Advertising malicious content such as token grabbers will result in a blacklist.

Content Creators are allowed to advertise their stream or video link/content that is related to the server in chat only. Creators are allowed to advertise your stream or video but not excessively. [Requires the rank to do so]
  • 1st Offence: 12 Hour Mute
  • 2nd Offence: 1 Day Mute
  • 3rd Offence: 3 Day Mute
  • 4th Offence: 7 Day Mute
  • 5th Offence: Permanent Mute [Self Advertisement]
  • Malicious Links/Advertisement or Server Advertising: Blacklist For Involved Player(s).

Spam Botting: Using alternative accounts/bots to spam messages in public chat, etc is strictly prohibited.

Leaking Personal Information: Leaking, spreading, or giving out any personal information without the owner's consent even if it was given or trusted with you is prohibited. Personal information includes someone's Full name, addresses, school/workplaces, pictures of the person(s), social media accounts, locations, emails, passwords or even their IP Address.

DDoS / DOX / SWAT Threats or Jokes: Threatening to DDoS/Dox or SWAT someone on the network is strictly prohibited. An example: “I'm gonna fry your router with my booter”. The network will not take this lightly or tolerate users joking about this topic, joking about DDoSing/Doxxing or Swatting someone will also not be tolerated.

  • 1st Offence: Permanent Blacklist
Blacklisted Modifications & Hacked Clients: Using a Hacked Client (e.g. Vape, Wurst, Ghost/Cracked Clients) or usage of any Blacklisted or Illegal Modifications that give themselves an unfair advantage over other players in combat, grinding, building, etc or just for general usage such as opening crates are not allowed. These can either be Modified, Installed or Injected. Any Modification to any Client/Mod that gives a user an unfair advantage over other players or giving you an unfair advantage is strictly not allowed on the network. Modifying Mods or Texture Packs such as Keystrokes to give you additional reach or anything malicious is also not allowed.
  • Admitting Offences:
    • 1st Offence: 14 Day Ban
    • 2nd Offence: Permanent Ban
  • General Offences:
    • 1st Offence: 30 Day Ban
    • 2nd Offence: Permanent Ban

Exploiting Bugs and Glitches or Duping: Abusing or exploiting any Bugs, Glitches, or Exploits within the game is strictly prohibited, Interaction with Bugs, Glitches, or Exploits is allowed with explicit permissions from a staff member for the purpose of recreation and resolving. This offence is under Management Discretion at all times, and the punishment will be determined by the severity of the Bug, Glitch, or Exploit in most cases a ban will be involved regardless of the severity. It isn’t punishable if the Bug/Glitch/Exploit was recently discovered and was reported, spreading information on how to perform or replicate it isn’t allowed and you will be punished immediately. If you have discovered a bug or glitch report it on our discord server.
  • 1st Offence: Senior Staff or Management Discretion | Illegal Duping: Blacklist

Inappropriate Builds: Building inappropriate or offensive builds, e.g. Swastikas, Dicks, Nudes, Pornographic content. This also includes roof arts
  • 1st Offence: 6 Hour Ban [Removal of builds]
  • 2nd Offence: 12 Hour Ban [Removal of builds]
  • 3rd Offence: 1 Day Ban [Removal of builds]
  • 4th Offence: 2 Day Ban [Removal of builds]
  • 5th Offence: 4 Day Ban [Removal of builds]

Freezing Your Minecraft/Client: You are not allowed to freeze your Minecraft for any reason eg, preventing fall damage, escaping a trap, etc.
  • 1st Offence: 2 Hour Ban
  • 2nd Offence: 4 Hour Ban
  • 3rd Offence: 6 Hour Ban
  • 4th+ Offence: 8 Hour Ban

Lying to Staff: Under no circumstances you should deliberately lie to a staff member. Lying to a staff member will result in a punishment.
  • 1st Offence: 12 Hour Ban
  • 2nd Offence: 1 Day Ban
  • 3rd Offence: 2 Day Ban
  • 4th Offence: 3 Day Ban
  • 5th Offence: 7 Day Ban

Inappropriate Skin, Cape or Username: Any form of offensive usernames, skins, or capes is strictly prohibited. (e.g. usernames that contain Racist Remarks or slurs, etc, this also includes capes and skins.) The player can appeal or contact the staff member that dealt with it after their Skin/Cape or Username has been changed permanently.
  • 1st Offence: Verbal Warning [Skins & Capes] | Permanent Ban [Username]
  • 2nd Offence: Permanent Ban [Skins & Capes]

Lag Machines/Lag Clients: Intentionally building a lag machine or doing anything to intentionally cause an excessive amount of lag to the network.

Griefing: Griefing any server's builds that are located in protected areas such as dimension spawns, warzone, etc by destroying and placing huge amounts of blocks. This includes but is not limited to cobble monstering or “raiding” protected regions by stacking sand in protected regions as well.

Chargeback: Charging backing on your donations after you have received your items is not allowed. If someone has bought an item under your username and chargebacks on the purchase after the purchase has been confirmed and claimed, appeal and the charged-back item(s) will be removed. If you already had used the charged-back item(s), all items, perks, rewards obtained from it will be removed. Not surrendering all the charged-back item(s) to staff or lying/hiding the charged-back item(s) will result in a blacklist.

DDoSing/Doxing or Swatting: Participating/being involved in any form of DDoSing, Doxing, or Swatting will not be tolerated and you will be immediately punished. The final punishment will always be executed by a member of the management team. You are also not allowed to post your “own” information or any “fake/false” information. Any DDoS/DOX/SWAT or RAT Attacks to any of our players on the network or platforms will immediately lead to a punishment.

Buycraft Scamming / Scamming (Deals / Vouchers): Buycraft Scamming is prohibited such as scamming buycraft deals or voucher codes are not allowed on the network and you will be punished if done so. This includes but is not limited to not giving the Sharpness 8 sword after getting a rank upgrade.

  • 1st Offence: Permanent Blacklist
Event Offences
Punishment Evasion

Punishment Evading will be determined by the ownership of the account, The Ownership of the account(s) will be determined by a shared IP-Address or any other association it will mainly be determined based on /dupeip. It will not be determined by anything else unless a valid reason is provided. If you share your account with another user or use public accounts you run the risk of it getting punished. If you were punished for Punishment Evading you cannot bypass the punishment by logging onto another account or bypassing it with a VPN or proxies. All accounts will be treated the same (Personal accounts, Friend accounts, Alt accounts, public alt accounts, etc).

Public alternative accounts: Public alternative accounts will be treated the same way as regular alternative accounts or accounts in general and will be punished accordingly even if you don’t own the account(s). The ownership of the account(s) will be based on the current owner of the account or who logs on with it recently. Getting punished on public alts will run your main account to be at risk. This also goes for if you're sharing your account with someone else.

Siblings or Relatives: If your account was punished because your siblings or relatives were on your account and the network and breaking server rules you will not be unmuted or unbanned. It's your responsibility to moderate access to your account and to ensure you don't give access to anyone you don’t trust.

Account Sharing: Sharing accounts is allowed on the server but if you share an account with another user you will run the risk of it getting punished and will not be unpunished.

➜ Punishment Evading/Evasion: [Mute/Ban/IP-Ban/Blacklist]:

This is when a player on the network has been punished and starts to evade their punishment by trying to bypass it by logging onto other accounts (alternative or friend accounts), bypassing it with a VPN or Proxy, etc. All accounts will be punished regardless if it's an alternative account or someone else's account. Ownership will be determined by a shared IP-Address or other association.

Mute Evasion: Logging on with another account to enable yourself to talk in chat while one or more of your accounts are muted on the network with a valid reason provided. If you private message spam while being muted on the server it will count as mute evasion if reported. Ownership will be determined by a shared IP-Address or other association.

Mute Evasion Notice: If you were muted on your main account, you are still allowed to log on alternative accounts/other accounts as long as you don’t speak on the accounts. Speaking on those accounts will get you punished for Mute Evasion.

  • Example:
    • Notch has been muted for 2 hours.
    • Notch90 has joined the server (Under the same IP).
    • Notch90: Hello everyone, how are you?
  • Punishment:
    • 1st Offence: IP-Mute and Double The Original Time [This does not mean the time left till it ends]. If the original punishment is permanent, it will be reflected. Example: If you are Evading a Permanent Mute you will be Permanently IP-Muted.
    • 2nd Offence: 24 Hour IP-Ban [1 Day IP-Ban]
    • 3rd Offence: 72 Hour IP-Ban [3 Day IP-Ban]
    • 4th Offence: 168 Hour IP-Ban [7 Day IP-Ban]
    • 5th Offence: Permanent IP-Mute
    • 6th Offence: 30 Day IP-Ban

Ban/IP-Ban/Blacklist Evasion: Logging onto the server with another account while one or more of your accounts under your ownership are banned on the network with a valid reason provided. Ownership will be determined by a shared IP-Address or other association.

Ban Evasion Notice: Once you have been banned from the network with a valid reason, all accounts that are linked to your IP that are currently on the network will be kicked from the network with a similar or the following reason 'Do Not Log On! [You will be punished for Ban Evasion] ' said kicked accounts or new accounts logging back on that are under the same user/IP will result in those accounts punished for Ban evasion.
  • Example:
    • Notch has been banned for 30 days.
    • Steve99 has joined the server (Under the same IP).
    • Steve99: Let's go! I’m back.
  • Punishment: Punishment will be doubled for every new offence.
    • 1st Offence: IP-Ban and Double The Original Time [This does not mean the time left till it ends]. If the original punishment is permanent, it will be reflected. Example: If you are Evading a Permanent Ban you will be Permanently IP-Banned.
    • 2nd Offence: Permanent Blacklist
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