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GlitchMC [Modifications]
Last Updated: 3rd December 2021

Legal Modifications or Clients:
  • Faction Clients:
    • Orbit Client
    • Falcun Client
    • Crystal Client
    • Cosmic Client
  • Regular Clients:
    • Badlion Client
    • Lunar Client
    • Hyperium Client
    • 5-zig Mod
    • Liteloader Mod
    • Lounge Client
    • Forge/Liteloader
      • No Blacklisted Modifications loaded.
  • Modifications:
    • Optifine.
    • Bsprkscore
    • Lunatrius Core/Schematica, Patch/Breadcrumbs, Chunkborders, Replay Mod & Worlddownloader.
    • Fly Boost below or x2.
    • Full Bright/Gamma Mods.
    • Toggle Speed and Sneak.
    • Armor, Coordinate/Direction/Compass, Potion, TPS/CPS/FPS/Ping, Reach Display, Potion/Obsidian Counter, Speed/Cane Speed, Clock HUD’s Status and Keystrokes.
    • Minimaps
      • Minimaps that show or track players, mobs or underground structures are prohibited.
    • Aesthetic Mods (Perspective, Item Physics, 1.7 Animations, Cosmetics (Capes, Emotes, etc), Custom Crosshair, Chroma Mods, Time/Weather Changer, etc).
    • Miscellaneous Mods (In-game account switcher, Patcher, FPS Enhanced Mods, Resource Pack Searcher, Worldedit CUI, TabbyChat, BetterChat (Compact, Clear Chat), Custom Music/Fonts, etc).
Illegal Modifications or Clients:
  • Blacklisted Clients:
    • Hacked, Injected or Ghost Client of any kind.
      • Xenon (Lite/Mod), Wurst, Vape, Sigma, Impact, Huzuni, Envy, Levo Clicker or Client, etc.
  • Blacklisted Modifications, Texture Packs or 3rd Party Programs:
    • Modified or Blacklisted Modifications.
      • Keystrokes that were modified to give more reach.
      • Reach, Killaura, Speed, Bunny Hop, Multiaura, Mobaura, Fastplace, Spider, Fast Ladder, etc.
    • Modifications or Clients that give advantages.
      • BetterPvP: Fast Eat, etc.
    • Autoclickers/Double Clickers & Macros.
      • Only Command Macros are allowed.
    • Projectile Tracers
      • Displays the trajectory of projectiles such as ender pearls and arrows.
    • X-Ray/ESP Modifications or Texture Packs, Cave Finder Packs, etc
    • Inventory Tweaks, Not Enough Items.
    • Automated Tasks/Scripts (Auto Fishing, Auto Farming).
      • Arcadia, Karma Cane Mod, Cane Modifications, MCBuild
    • Player & TNT Detectors/Raid Alerts, Chest Finders.
    • DDOS Tools.
    • OQMineBot.
      • You are only allowed to use OQMineBot to AFK either farms or spawners.
Note: This isn't full a list of all Clients and Modifications. If you do not see any Modifications or Clients listed here that you are currently using. You can create a support ticket on discord and ask.
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