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GlitchMC [Corrupt Realm]

Corrupt Realm [Map #15] will be released on Saturday, 17th September 2022 at 3 PM EST

Map Length:
This Map will last 2 Weeks and will end on Sunday, 2nd October 2022 at 3 PM EST. Havoc Mode will be activated a day before final reset [Saturday, 1st October 2022 at 3 PM EST].


  • The Overworld Dimension will be 5k x 5k [Semi-Flat World]
  • The End Dimension will be 3k x 3k [Flat World]
( There are a total of 8 corners open for factions to claim this reset. 4 per dimension )
Note: Rewards for Corners will be available on both the Overworld or End Dimension Corners.

General Map Information:

  • Rule Document: Click to view the Rule Document
  • Map Length: 2 Weeks [4 Day Grace, 10 Day TNT]
  • Faction Size: 5 Man Faction. Unlimited Roster
  • Faction Power: 1,000
  • Faction Relationships: 0 Ally, 0 Truces
  • Economy: Raiding Outpost » Sugarcane » Darkzone, Forgotten Zone [Head Hunting Level 6+]
    • Enchanted Lake or Mines as other alternatives [/warp pvp]
  • Buffer Limit: 20 Chunk Buffer [5 Chunk B-Counter Buffer]
  • Regens: Disabled
  • Cannon Speed: 3s Cannoning [Raiding and Countering]
  • Left & Right Shooting: Disabled
  • Faction Shields: 20 Hour Shields [20 Hour Grace, 4 Hour TNT]
Faction/Wilderness Flight:
Faction and Wilderness Flight will be enabled on Saturday, 17th September 2022 at 3.15 PM EST.
Note: Flight will be enabled early once all or majority of the Corners have been claimed.

End Dimension Release:
The End Dimension
will be released along with the other worlds.

Raiding Outpost Release:
Raiding Outpost
will be released on Saturday, 17th September 2022 at 6 PM EST.
(( The Raiding Outpost Release Countdown can be viewed with /rorelease ))

Grace Period:
Grace Period will last 4 Days and will end on Wednesday, 21st September 2022 at 3 PM EST,
during this time
TNT, Creeper Eggs, and any other explosions will be disabled.
(( Grace Period countdown can still be viewed with /grace ))

Payout Information:

• Faction Top #1

If the donation goal of $200 is reached before payouts
➥ Faction Top #1 will receive $75 PayPal.

If the donation goal is not reached before payouts Faction Top #1 will receive.
➥ Faction Top #1 will receive $75 BuyCraft Store Credit, 1x Ender Vault, & 1x Custom Faction Title.

• Faction Top #2
➥ Faction Top #2 will receive $50 BuyCraft Store Credit.

• Faction Top #3
➥ Faction Top #3 will receive $25 BuyCraft Store Credit.

Faction Bundle:

Faction Bundle for this Map. You are required to have at least a roster of 3-5 members in order to be eligible to receive this bundle! To obtain this bundle create a Support Ticket and provide your Username, Faction's Name, and Roster Size! You will receive the bundle on release [/bundle claim].
Note: Faction Bundles will not be given out during the TNT Phase of the Map! Each faction can only claim one Faction Bundle, any attempt to claim two or more bundles may result in a punishment!

Hordes Updates and Changes:

Merchant Horde:
The Merchant Horde is an Economy based Horde, it will give all form of Currencies such as Tokens, Money and EXP. The following Loot Table for the Merchant Horde can be found below.
  • 1x Merchant Money Pouch
  • 2x Merchant Money Pouch
  • 1x Merchant XP Pouch
  • 2x Merchant XP Pouch
  • 1x Merchant Mobcoin Pouch
  • 2x Merchant Mobcoin Pouch
  • 1x Merchant Token Pouch
  • 2x Merchant Token Pouch
  • 1x Seasonal Crate Key
  • 2x Seasonal Crate Key
  • 1x Merchant Container
  • 1x 2,500 Tokens
  • 1x 5,000 Tokens
  • 1x 7,500 Tokens
  • 1x 10,000 Tokens
  • 1x $250,000 Cash
  • 1x $500,000 Cash
  • 1x $1,000,000 Cash
  • 1x $1,500,000 Cash
  • 1x 5,000 EXP
  • 1x 10,000 EXP
  • 1x 15,000 EXP
  • 1x 20,000 EXP
Mystical Horde:
The Mystical Horde is currently the best non seasonal Horde on the server, it will give the player that kills it all kinds of wealth and items. The following Loot Table for the Mystical Horde can be found below.
  • 1x Mystical Money Pouch
  • 2x Mystical Money Pouch
  • 1x Mystical XP Pouch
  • 2x Mystical XP Pouch
  • 1x Mystical Mobcoin Pouch
  • 2x Mystical Mobcoin Pouch
  • 1x Mystical Token Pouch
  • 2x Mystical Token Pouch
  • 1x Seasonal Crate Key
  • 2x Seasonal Crate Key
  • 1x Glitch Crate Key
  • 2x Glitch Crate Key
  • 1x Armor Lootbox: Corrupt
  • 2x Armor Lootbox: Corrupt
  • 3x Armor Lootbox: Corrupt
  • 1x Holy White Scroll
  • 2x Holy White Scroll
  • 1x Armor Box: Corrupt
  • 2x Essence Spawner Generator
  • 4x Essence Spawner Generator
  • 1x Slot Bot Ticket
  • 2x Slot Bot Ticket
  • 1x Mystical Container

- Scavenger and Enchanted Hordes have also been buffed during this update. Reward changes can be found in the full changelog below.
Note: These rewards may be modified in the future! It will be buffed or nerfed accordingly.

Dark Zone Koth:
The ruins of the Darkzone Koth have finally risen from their slumber. It's loot has been cursed by a creature from an alternate world that is still currently in a deep slumber. Koth Schedule for Darkzone can be found below!

Darkzone K.O.T.H Location: X: -192, Y: 58, Z: 120
Warp PvP Koth Update:
With the introduction of the Darkzone Koth, Warp PvP Koth rewards have also been buffed. Koth Schedule for WarpPvP can be found below!


- Daily Koth Schedule:
  • Warp PvP:
    • 8 AM EST
    • 8 PM EST
  • Darkzone Koth:
    • 4 PM EST
Economy Changes:
  • Dark Zone Flesh: [$2,500 (ea) » $2,000 (ea)]
  • Added Extreme Wealth Lootbag to Raiding Outpost Automated Rewards Loot Table (This will be updated throughout the map as it has just been introduced)
    • Lootbag Reward: [Obtained Every 6 Hours]
      • 1x Essence Spawner Generator
      • 8x Iron Golem Spawners
      • 10x Creeper Spawners
      • 15x Blaze Spawners
Full Changelog:
This Map full changelog will be listed below and will be separated into different categories.

Store Changelog:
  • Removed Endervault: May and May Bundle from the Store
  • Added Endervault: September and September Bundle to the Store
  • Updated OP Bundle, Godly Bundle and Endervault: Glitch [Reward Changes will be listed below].
    • Godly Bundle:
      • Base Reward:
        • x2 Endervault: May ➜ x2 Endervault: September
        • x1 Endervault: April ➜ x1 Endervault: May
        • Added x18 Creeper Spawners, x10 Iron Golem Spawners, 100,000 Harvester Tokens, 400,000 EXP
      • Jackpot Reward:
        • x1 Endervault: February ➜ x1 Endervault: September
    • OP Bundle:
      • Base Reward:
        • x3 Endervault: May ➜ x3 Endervault: September
      • Jackpot Reward:
        • x3 Endervault: February ➜ x3 Endervault: September
    • Endervault: Glitch:
      • Base Reward:
        • x3 Endervault: May ➜ x3 Endervault: September
      • Jackpot Reward:
        • x1 Endervault: May ➜ x1 Endervault: September
In-Game Changes:
  • Added Blackscrolls, Whitescrolls, Transmog Scrolls and Rename Tags to XP Shop.
  • Improved Mob Spawning and Stacking (This will be a huge improvement compared to last map).
    • Added a Custom Mob Drop Plugin to support Custom Drops for Headhunting
  • Renamed Spring Crate to Summer Crate.
  • Added Darkzone Koth.
    • Darkzone Koth will contain much better loot than Warp PvP.
  • Added Punch 3 to Corrupt Kit Bow
    • Punch 3 can still be obtained at the Enchantment Merchant.
  • Introduced the new Merchant Horde.
    • A total of x25 Wandering Merchants will appear upon being summoned. Merchants that traveled across the world to offer wealth and prosperity to it's customers!
  • Introduced the new Mystical Horde. This horde is currently the best Horde apart from Seasonal Hordes.
    • A total of x50 Mystical Warriors will be risen from their graves upon being summoned. Warriors that have lost their lives to the Demonic Overlord Generals during the Imperial War!
  • Added Advanced, Extreme and Divine Chests to Base and Miscellaneous Merchants for Basic Chest + Total Upgrade Prices = Cost of Chest.
    • Advanced Chests: [$250,000/ea]
    • Extreme Chests: [$750,000/ea]
    • Divine Chests: [$2,250,000/ea]
  • Added Token Shop [Currency for Harvester Hoes]
  • Added Wilderness Fly [SOTW: It will be disabled until all Corners are claimed].
    • Virus Rank and Above will have Wilderness Flight by default.
    • You can obtain Wilderness Fly from Token Shop and Faction Bundle (Obtainable before the TNT Phase).
  • Added /bookdupe. It will only dupe unopened books such as the Mystery Enchantment Books.
    • Dupeable Tiers: Simple, Unique, Rare, Ultimate, Legendary
    • Undupeable Tiers: Soul, Heroic, Mastery, Grinding
Enchantments / PvP Changes:
  • Updated the Prefixes and Stated Abilities listed for all Armor Sets.
    • Buffed K.O.T.H Set: [This will be changed in the future, if required]
    • K.O.T.H Set Effects:
    • 20% Damage Reduction, 10% Damage Increase, Permanent Speed 3 Effect, Auto Bless, Fall Damage Negation, Galaxy Effect [Heroic Version].
    • K.O.T.H Weapon Effects:
    • 10% Damage Increase.
  • Moved Keys and Mobcoin Enchants to a different Enchantment Category called Grinding.
Reward Changes:
  • Updated Reaction, Glitch Crate with the latest Ender Vault
  • Updated Perk Rewards for Virus and Corrupt.
  • Added Scavenger Container, Money, Token, XP and Mobcoin Pouches to Scavenger Horde.
  • Added Enchanted Container, Money, Token, XP and Mobcoin Pouches to Enchanted Horde.
  • Redid the Slot Bot Loot Table (Slots should much better).
  • Removed all of Warp PvP Koth Loot and replaced it with a Koth Lootbag (With much better rewards, also goes with Darkzone Koth)
  • Introduced Scavenger Armor Lootbox to Scavenger Horde Loot Table [/toggleanimation to disable Lootbox animations]
    • This will help with Inventory Management when fighting Scavenger Hordes.
  • Removed Scavenger Set and Weapon from Scavenger Horde.
    • This has been replaced with a Scavenger Armor Lootbox which will contain all the pieces.
  • Added Merchant Container, Money, Token, XP, Mobcoin Pouches and Money / Tokens to Merchant Horde.
  • Removed Item Rename Tag, Mystery Crate Keys and Bloody Notes from Glitch Crate.
  • Replaced 16x Bloody Notes with 10x Mystery Money Pouches in Glitch Crate.
  • Added 2x Glitch Crate Keys and 3x Glitch Crate Keys to Glitch Crate.
  • Added 3x Seasonal Crate Keys to Glitch Crate.
  • Update Crate Reward Lores.
  • Added Temporary Command: /roam [7 Days] to Glitch Crate.
  • Removed Mystery Heroic Enchantment Books from Seasonal Crate.
  • Added Haunted Chest [Slots: 630] to Darkzone Lake Loot Table.
  • Added Forgotten Chest [Slots: 720] to Forgotten Lake Loot Table.
  • Added Mystical Container, Money, Token, XP and Mobcoin Pouches to Mystical Horde.
  • Added 1x Admin Container, 3x/5x Seasonal Crate Keys, 3x/5x/10x Essence Spawner Generators, 2x/4x/8x Random Heroic Upgrade, 1x/2x/3x Slot Bot Tickets, 2x/4x Holy White Scrolls, 1x Mystery Slot Generator, x3 Enderman Spawners, 2x/3x Mystery Dupe Fragment to Event Crate.
  • Added 4x Admin Container, 1x Endervault: April, May, September and Valentines to Event Crate Jackpot.
  • Added x3 Perk Gem: Wild Fly to Faction Bundle.
  • Updated Admin Container. It contains a chance of obtaining a full set.
  • Added 1x #CaneSlave Title, 1x Perk Gem: Wild Fly [15 Days], 1x 3x3, 5x5, 7x7 Trench, Tray and Obsidian Tray Pickaxe, 1x Sand Wand, 1x Wall Remover, 1x Ice Wand [500 Uses], 1x, 8x and 16x Throwable Creeper Eggs, 1x 1x1 and 3x3 Chunk Buster to Token Shop.
Harvester Hoe Changes:
  • Pouch Finder:
    • Max Level has been increased from Level 20 to Level 50.
    • Base Price has also been increased from 3,500 Tokens to 5,000 Tokens.
    • Level Requirement:
    • This is the same system that has been implemented for the Spawner Scavenger Hoe Enchantment. Higher levels will give better loot. Like Spawner Scavenger you can still obtain Tier 1, 2 and 3 [4 and 5 depending on the Enchant Level] Token Pouches if you are Level 30+, 40+ or 50.
      • Level 1+: Tier 1, 2 and 3 Token Pouch
      • Level 30+: Tier 4 Token Pouch
      • Level 40+: Tier 5 Token Pouch
      • Level 50+: Tier 6 Token Pouch
    • In addition all Token Pouches starting from Tier 1 have had their Potential Amount changed.
Small Changes / Bug Fixes:
  • Updated Lore designs for some Bundles, Pouches, Tools and etc.
  • Updated the design for all Scoreboards.
  • Rule Changelog:
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