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Eula Change Ideas

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The server won't get deleted by mojang

So recently the eula has changed and their are looking out for servers that sell in-game goods , lots of servers have completely changed their gameplay due to this to make sure they follow the server eula one example is TheArchon , they removed a lot of their store goods that ppl were able to buy before and thes implemented " Dungeons " , badically there is 3 dungeons which open at different times and there is a dungeon in that world which ppl can go to and grind Keys, crates , ranks n stuff so their server is 100% play2win and follows the eula , this could be a cool feature for glitch as it will add a lot of gameplay , obv it shouldn't be just copied but maybe a darkzone where ppl can grind, this will Lower donations but be save for the server and ppl can't harm it , there's a lot of ways to implement such a change but if owners are interested the community could help wind a solution

Extra Information (If needed)
The eula change on archon https://thearchon.net/factions-store-revamp/


you can get ranks from crates already you get seasonal keys and afk spanners from the lake also in reaction crates it is possible to get vaults so we do not really have to adjust imo i myself won a rank from a crate once so it is possible