Denied enable /bookdupe again

Would you like this to be implemented?

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What is your suggestion?
enable /bookdupe again

Where would this suggestion be implemented?
Corrupt Realm [Factions], All Realms

How would this suggestion improve where it is implemented?
people were mad that /bookdupe was a thing so it was easy to make gsets since you could get /bookdupe specific enchants like lucky 10 and have a stack of lucky 10s but without it making gsets if prob the most fucking aids thing and i feel like there would be some more pvp bookdupe was enabled again since theres a lot of people that want gsets but dont have the time to make one

Extra Information (If needed)
People wanted it removed because getting kills was pointless but now that holy white scrolls are a little harder to get then losing a gset would be sad since you lost some enchant orbs (depending on the enchant orb)


While it would be nice to have it back,
It would make pvp less interesting since then nobody would ever make a 15/16 lore set.
I mean who in their right mind would use their best set when they have 5 14 lore sets or more that they can use instead.
The reason we wanted bookdupe gone was because people would never need to use their best set as long as they could infinitely spam out new sets.
Sets being more frustrating to make is why the PvP side of the server is actually ok right now, getting a god set kill will actually feel good knowing that the person you dropped is actually hurt by it.
You can still easily make a god set in an hour or two if you have the armor you want and a bunch of xp.
And don’t say XP is hard to get because literally it’s free, you just jitter click a chest at spawn.


gsets are not meant to be easy to make they are meant to be a grind. They were actually meant to be a late game thing right from the start. In short no I don’t think this will be happening
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