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Denied Eco Change

Would you like this to be implemented?

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What is your suggestion?
Eco Change

Where would this suggestion be implemented?

How would this suggestion improve where it is implemented?
It would balance the economy and have players work for money and a position for ftop 1 other then duping keys all day long and selling ores

Extra Information (If needed)
It brings new content to the server and players have something to do all of grace , you try to have a bigger farm then your enemies and therefore you and your faction play active and or hopefully bring new players to the server


The economy is not key based at all you can make a big enough cactus farm to get 100m /hr if you put the effort in


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Tell me how many weeks that will take you tho , there is no printer so I have to print ur cactus farm in survival , meaning u have to keep buying items , the packet limit is really low meaning u get 1 layer done pee second or slower , my cactus pillars go y 1-200 so that's 3 minutes if I were eto just fly straight up , which I can't as I keep getting kicked and have to buy new items , it takes around 5-10 minutes per pillar and u need atleast a 5x5 or 10x10 farm for good money , this takes days just to make a few millions , which u can get it 5 mins of opening sapphire crates , the eco is 100% crate based and should be changed entirely
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