Important Discord Rules

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GlitchMC [Discord Rules]
Last Updated: 15th June 2021

1) Any form of Advertisement (Self-promotion, referral links, server invites, or IPs) is strictly prohibited unless you were given permission to do so. Shortened URLs are also not allowed. This also includes DM Advertisement.

2) Any form of Disrespect/Racism/Discrimination/Bullying/Harassment or Hate Speech towards others is strictly prohibited.

3) All NSFW, Pornographic or Inappropriate Content is strictly prohibited in all channels regardless if marked as NSFW or not. We are a Minecraft server that is targeted towards children/kids. This includes NSFW/Inappropriate GIFs, Files, Emojis, Messages, etc. All NSFW commands will be disabled.

4) No Spamming of Characters/Emotes/Messages [Spamming Caps will also count as Spam]. You are only allowed to use words or phrases that everyone understands, this means using a foreign language is strictly not allowed. Only English is permitted.

5) Uploading Sketchy Malicious/Inappropriate files or content or posting malicious links such as IP-Grabbers or Grabify links in channels are strictly prohibited. They will be deleted immediately. This also includes private messaging someone IP-Grabbers or Grabify links in private messages.

6) Impersonating a staff member or another player on the server is strictly prohibited.

7) Threatening to DDoS/Dox, SWAT, or Leaking Personal Information will not be tolerated and you will be punished immediately even if the threat was intended as a "Joke". This also includes actually DDoSing/Doxing or Swatting a player.

8) Any form of Death Threats or Suicide Encouragement will not be tolerated and even if the threat was intended as a "Joke".

9) IRL Trading is not allowed on the server at all. (Trading in-game items such as Monthly Crates or Currency for items/currency out of game such as Skins, Ranks, Accounts, or even PayPal).

10) Bot commands should only be used in their respective channels (#bot-commands) and nowhere else.

11) Do not ping Staff Members, either private message a staff member or create a support ticket regarding your situation. This also includes mass-pinging staff members or other users.

12) Do not ask a Staff Member to check your Staff Application or Punishment Appeal, asking a staff member to check your Staff Application or Punishment Appeal might result in your Application or Appeal getting denied, be patient and wait for a response. This also includes asking to be Unbanned from Discord, Forums, or even In-game.

13) Misuse of Music Bots such as playing “Ear Rape” or Soundboards/Screamers to also play "Ear Rape or any Inappropriate sounds" is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to Misuse any of the discord bots.

14) No Arguing or Causing Drama in channels instead take it to private messages or somewhere else.

15) No Inappropriate, Zalgo (Ȅ̴̂x̴̛̔a̴̎̉m̷̀̐p̵̽̈́l̵̽̍e̷̒͑) or Offensive Usernames or Nicknames (For those who have permission to do so). Staff will have the final say in this and will change it by force.

16) Encouraging Staff Demotion is strictly prohibited, If you do believe a staff member is abusing, you may create a Staff Report Ticket and provide a statement and evidence about what the staff member did.

17) No being excessively toxic in channels. If staff believe you are going overboard, creating or furthering a malicious/toxic environment in the server, Staff will reserve the right to punish you no question asked.

18) Upon creating a support ticket or joining a support room if you are wasting staff time by joking around or creating support tickets just for fun you will be punished.
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