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Release Corrupt Realm Beta Map I Release Information

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Beta Release Reminder

➜ Release Time
Beta Release is on June 6th 5pm EST.
There is now a count down for the beta release. https://itsalmo.st/glitchmc-beta-release-adtq

➜ Store
There will be a 20% Sale on our store for Beta Release!
If you buy anything from our store during the beta map it will get transfer to when the server releases map 1.

➜ Support
If you find any bugs/glitches or need support please make a ticket in our discord server at https://glitchmc.com/discord

➜ Faction Top This map is Beta map it will most likely be for 2 weeks meaning there will be no FTop payouts this map.

➜ Staff Application Staff Applications are now open at https://glitchmc.com/apply!

See you all on Beta Release!


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.