Denied Bulk Sell Temp Command

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What is your suggestion?
Bulk Sell Temp Command

Where would this suggestion be implemented?
Corrupt Realm [Factions], Paradise Realm [Skyblock], All Realms

How would this suggestion improve where it is implemented?
New Tempcommand,
Same ways to get it Sell Chest or GShop.

Command usage:
/BulkSell Enable
/BulkSell Disable

When enabled, punching a chest will sell the heads a player is able to sell, if they are not a high enough level to sell that head, it will not sell it.
Would be balanced since it would be a different unattached way to sell heads, making grinders more efficient. And players would still need a sell wand or Chest sell to be able to sell other things.
Sell chest is also currently pointless since it can’t be used for anything other than cactus. But sell wands exist and are far faster for selling then chest sell.

I would recommend,
If you add BulkSell, add certain mob drops back to the loot table, so that people will need /sell chest or sell wands and Bulk sell to most efficiently sell mob grinders.

Extra Information (If needed)
If you read this, you’re cool


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This is a good idea but unfortunately we are unable to do so at the current time. We will be keeping this in mind and figure out how to implement it.
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