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Alright, this suggestion is to do with headhunting, since the server is a dupe cosmic saico test server, we cannot get rid of headhunting for this realm.
I propose to allow heads to drop to any death, including fall-damage, drowning fire, etc but the heads needed to rank up will be buffed immensely, Let's say, for example, to rank up to level 2, you need 800 pig heads. honestly, that's a couple of minutes of grinding depending on how many pig spawners you have, next might be 2000 but as I said before, you don't need to grind, few hoppers and a bit of height, water, or lava and you can afk for less than an hour while you get the heads.
I also suggest that blazes be left out of the headhunting due to the fact that they can't take fall damage, lava doesn't kill if I can remember correctly and water kills them too slowly.

Another suggestion put in here comes as a duel package with the first suggestion. Grinding mobs giving much better XP and mob coins



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Denied - Due to the reason that we had a poll on this before and players has voted to only drop on player killing them.
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