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  1. RedW0lfStone

    Denied idc about this anymore

    Because we got into his cannon box and killed him when he was invis and he’s being salty
  2. RedW0lfStone

    Denied Map X suggestion

    Nah I think 2-3 or 3-5 chunks (it takes ~1 chunk to do a full set of MCs if done correctly anyway) it’s just that there are other revenue types that a “full set” takes about 2 chunks and that is very vague because what if they just wanna do a full lavaed wall then full watered wall how many of...
  3. RedW0lfStone

    Denied Map X suggestion

    What is your suggestion? Map X suggestion Where would this suggestion be implemented? Corrupt Realm [Factions], Rules, All Realms How would this suggestion improve where it is implemented? You should allow regens in map X and before Icyy and Wii start complaining Imma just add, regens with...
  4. RedW0lfStone

    Denied idc about this anymore

    I wouldn't say remove completely but I would say add a cooldown to it. It is far too useful of a feature to remove entirely
  5. RedW0lfStone

    Implemented Tnt wands

    What is your suggestion? Tnt wands Where would this suggestion be implemented? Corrupt Realm [Factions], All Realms How would this suggestion improve where it is implemented? Would make it better and less of a hassle to sort the items from your mob farm Extra Information (If needed) Its...
  6. RedW0lfStone

    Pending bulk buy on /enchanter

    Yes I 100% agree but I'm not sure if we can add that and I can't edit the plugin unfortunately otherwise i'd do something like the shop buy
  7. RedW0lfStone

    Accepted Eco changes

    I highly doubt an eco change will happen mid map
  8. RedW0lfStone

    Implemented Add new Warzone Events

    We already have a few works in progress 🤫
  9. RedW0lfStone

    Implemented gset pvp

    Pots are a known bug, wish someone would have told us about them sooner though...
  10. RedW0lfStone

    Implemented Remove TNT from /dupe.

    Dupe level Corrupt was originally meant to be for “dupe level 4” but you can’t unlock it till level 20 then you need to get some of the dupe fragments. You can’t use corrupt dupe until you are level 20 and have unlocked each dupeable item using the dupe forger
  11. RedW0lfStone

    Implemented Remove TNT from /dupe.

    No, not at all. Corrupt dupe is not for people with corrupt rank. Corrupt dupe was designed with the intentions of being top tier of dupe. You need to finish head hunting to unlock it.
  12. RedW0lfStone

    Implemented No regens for map 8

    Or we could perhaps lower the allowed amount of regen walls
  13. RedW0lfStone

    Implemented Remove TNT from /dupe.

    I’d say remove it from dono dupe but keep it in corrupt dupe
  14. RedW0lfStone

    Denied enable /bookdupe again

    gsets are not meant to be easy to make they are meant to be a grind. They were actually meant to be a late game thing right from the start. In short no I don’t think this will be happening
  15. RedW0lfStone

    Accepted Eula Change Ideas

    Everything on the store is obtainable in game so it’s not violating the eula anyway
  16. RedW0lfStone

    Cya later Glitchers

    Damn no mention of me :/ Feels bad XD
  17. RedW0lfStone

    Denied Removing Full Set Bonuses

    No it is a cosmic x saico server it can’t just have cosmic enchants most pvp is cosmic based. We want it that way. Plus corrupt isn’t the best set just sayin
  18. RedW0lfStone

    Implemented SandBot Change

    Trust me I know lol we tried all things like cegging, trying to interact but nothing :/
  19. RedW0lfStone

    Implemented SandBot Change

    I also think there should be a way to steal other factions ones